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She possesses the power of the Warriors of Wind. From episode 8 of Digimon Adventure, Sora Takenouchi's yellow camisole with light blue straps is barely visible. Digimon - Sora Takenouchi in. The following fic you are about to read is a lemon.

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This is a Funny humorous Fic about Love,Crushes, and what happens when you have gotten embarrassed in front of your crushes "Just arrange them on the counter" Sora replied finding her eyes was T.K.'s pants, his underwear included "oooh shit" she gasped as her. Sighing as she set down a heavy potted fern by her mother's flower shop window Sora stood up with a stretch working out the kinks in her back she had gotten from carrying the plant "ok, just a few more to go and everything will be ready for opening time tomorrow" she smiled as she checked the time, since her mother had taken ill earlier that day Sora had offered to take over the shop for the rest of the day and get it ready for the next day thankfully with T.

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Just came up with this today, had to write it. Tai may seem a little bit like a douche in this one, and not everyone wins in the end, but… well just read it. I think you will like it.

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A Taiora. Also has angst. Tai and Sora go to the Digiworld. Things happen. .. His hands caught her bra by accident and took that with her shirt.

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If you cannot stand to read a fanfic which has characters of digimon having sex, . Sora ran her hand down Tai's body, reaching underneath his underwear and.

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Any information you publish in a comment, profile, work, or Content that you post or import onto AO3 including in summaries, notes and tags.

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Her underwear is a pink training bra and matching panties. . Rika explains that they are not Digimon Hunters, and assures the former Generals that they are.

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